"Close all windows" issue...

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"Close all windows" issue...

Postby MarkT » October 12th, 2011, 5:38 pm

Well, kudos to the people involved in rolling out Version 6! There's a lot of fancy new operations here to digest, and I look forward to trying everything out.

I did try out this issue first noticed in Ver. 5: Open a series of windows, use "Window -> Close All" menu option to close all open windows, and find out that the preference setting for "Confirm on close" is re-set to "Confirm all unsaved images", where it had been previously set to "Confirm last image of series only".

Since using "Window -> Close All" is aimed at speeding up the window closing steps, it's annoying to have to deal with confirming all of the individual closes (the next time you close a number of open windows...), especially if you only wanted to confirm the last change.

Any hope of finding a fix for this in Ver 6?

Thanks. Mark

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Re: "Close all windows" issue...

Postby bobsofpa » October 12th, 2011, 9:31 pm

For both versions 5 and 6, under Preferences you can set "Confirm on Close" to "Do Not Confirm". I have it set to Do not Confirm and use the Window "Close All" command to close many open windows at once without having to confirm any of them. You just have to be careful about what you are doing.

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Re: "Close all windows" issue...

Postby MarkT » October 12th, 2011, 10:47 pm

Yes that's true Bob, or I can close them all one at a time... but I'd rather the act of closing all windows did not reset my choice in the preferences.

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Re: "Close all windows" issue...

Postby tomczak » November 2nd, 2011, 1:19 pm

I just want to 'confirm' that every time Close All is used, it changes Preferences/Confirm on Close='Confirm all unsaved images' from 'Confirm last image in series only'.

Just a somewhat related side observation: while Close All closes all images with either single confirmation or none at all, clicking X Close window button will allow you to decide which unsaved images to save or not save, (at the penalty of having to restart PWP), unless Confirm on Close=Do Not Confirm in Preferences, in which case even closing PWP with X Close will not prompt for saving individual images.
Maciej Tomczak

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