What can I say? WOW!!

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What can I say? WOW!!

Post by AHuntley » August 10th, 2014, 6:23 pm

To Picture Window Pro team,

I have been dragging my feet for quite some time making the decision to upgrade from PWP 6 to the latest PWP 7; and I've been a user since, I believe, version 3! I had read about all the new features and really didn't care about the new Frame/Mat Transformation, Wave, Watercolor, etc. Then, just today I noticed the somewhat small note about how the software would make use of all available processor cores and, therefore, should be faster. Hmm...I really like it when things go faster! :) So, I pulled out the credit card and upgraded. Played around with some files from my Canon 5D II and Sony NEX and to say this version is faster than any prior version is an understatement! This thing blazes through transformations now!! That alone is worth the cost of upgrade to me.

Thank you to the entire PWP team for continuing to improve an already great product.

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