batch processing image pairs

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batch processing image pairs

Post by dimockn » August 11th, 2019, 2:50 pm

Dear Jonathan,
I have been using PW7 for many years. I love it.
Now PW8 lets me do some batch processing that I have found a great need for.
I use a pair of cameras to synchronously take a pair of images, one "Colour" using visible light, the other "IR" using near infrared.
Then I use PW8 to register the Colour with the IR, and then extract the Hue and Saturation from the Colour, and the Value (brightness) from the IR.
By combining the resulting three greyscale images, I retain the normal colours while introducing the surreal brightness of infrared light.
e.g. ... .jpg?dl=ea
In order to do that for a batch of pairs, what I do first is make* a side-by-side (SBS) image with the IR on the left side and the Colour on the right side.
Then I use PW8 to step through the batch of SBSs. The first transform crops to the left-hand IR. The second crops to the right-hand Colour. After that I process each pair as above.

* The problem I have is that I need to use another program to go through my IR batch and my Colour batch to make each pair into one SBS. I use the free StereoPhoto Maker for that unusual purpose. It is very common for stereo photographers to use two cameras for their 3D work, much as I do for my IR/Colour work.
PW8 caters to many needs of stereo photographers, but it seems to lack any way to to do that SBS combining.

Any suggestions?
Many thanks for the amazing PW8.
Norm Dimock
Ottawa Canada.

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Re: batch processing image pairs

Post by jsachs » August 11th, 2019, 4:21 pm

I understand the issue -- unfortunately the way PWP8 batch is designed currently I can't think of an easy way to extend the functionality to read images from two synchronized lists of image files. While you can have a workspace script that reads two or more files, you need to specify them manually and cannot currently automate the process. I will keep the issue in mind and maybe some solution will present itself.
Jonathan Sachs
Digital Light & Color

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