Monitor curves error messages

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Monitor curves error messages

Post by davidh » September 9th, 2018, 1:30 pm

open Color management, open Monitor curves and load some
save the script, close PWP and confirm save for later

Restart PWP and you get these three messages one after another:
1. Cannot find the monitor curves file ...
2. Color management settings was changed since script was created: monitor curves file
3. Cannot restore color management settings at time script was saved because some files are missing.

add 2. The script was saved just before the end of the session and nothing was changed.
add 3. The curve files are where expected.

It looks as if the loaded Monitor curves are not saved in the script.

Another observation:
Now you have a workspace without any loaded monitor curves. The workspace opened without any problems.

Go to Color management to Monitor curves and load some monitor curves. Close and click OK.
Go back to Color management to Monitor curves and reset monitor curves. Close and click OK.
Do not save the workspace using the Script manu.
Close the PWP but before that confirm to save for later.
Restart PWP, confirm Restore workspace from the last session -> you get the message: Cannot find monitor curves file: None.

In this case no monitor curves were loaded at the end of the session, still the script looks for them.

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Re: Monitor curves error messages

Post by jsachs » September 9th, 2018, 4:09 pm

The problem seems to be that when Monitor/Printer Curves is open, monitor curves are temporarily enabled even though no curves have been saved yet. This shows up as a color management settings change and is saved with the script.

I am fixing this by making the Monitor/Printer Curves dialog box modal so you can't do anything else until you close it. Then, on exit, either monitor curves will be turned off or they will be turned on and a corresponding set of curves will exist.
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