Apply button oddities

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Apply button oddities

Post by davidh » June 17th, 2018, 9:00 am

1.insert a transformation between another two and click Apply
-> the change propagates downstream (OK)
(by the way, the dialog gets hidden, which it should not after Apply is used*)

2.(click the thumbnail to display the hidden dialog) click Cancel or X button to close the dialog
-> the transformation is cancelled and the inserted thumbnail is removed, but the transformation effect propagated downstream is not

3.insert another transformation to the same place and click OK or Apply -> now the transformation effect propagated downstream in the step 1 is removed

Another way to clear the effect of a cancelled transformation is just to double click the first effected image to open its transformation dialog and close it again without doing anything.
The Manual Recalc button in the main tool bar does not seem to work on this.

* It gets hidden only when Apply button is used on an inner image, not on the bottom one in a branch.

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