Unnecessary transformation reprocessing

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Unnecessary transformation reprocessing

Post by davidh » June 16th, 2018, 11:21 am

1. open an image and run it through one or more transformations
2. go back to the top input image, add the side Branch 2 and then, without doing anything else close the empty Branch 2 box
-> this triggers reprocesing of the whole Branch 1. Why? I would think that branches are independent of each other under their common splitter .
Of course, if you cancel the reprocessing, you invalidate the whole branch - all the thumbnails turn red - and you have to start reprocessing the topmost output below a branch box.

Waiting until all the (branched) branches under one splitter are reprocessed each time a top (or a downstream) image side branch is removed would be rather annoying.


In one case I added the Branch 2, started a transformation, but cancelled it before it finished, which for some reason invalidated the whole Branch 1 (red error thumbnails). To put it back it was necessary to double click the topmost red thumbnail and re-run its transformation.
However, this happened only once and I have been unable to reproduce it since.


By the way, after the reprocessing is finished, the focus jumps to the leftmost top input image in the browser (if there is one) and makes it active instead of staying on the current top input image.


And a cosmetic one: if you add a side branch the new branch box does not get the focus.

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