PWP 7.0.8 beta update available

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PWP 7.0.8 beta update available

Postby ksinkel » April 26th, 2013, 9:54 am

A new update of PWP 7 is now available. This primarily fixes bugs reported since the last update.

There are two user-visible features:

The Mat and Frame transformation has new fields for target width and height to clarify the assignment of dimensions.

Browse now uses universal time rather than local time to determine when cached thumbnails need to be refreshed, This should eliminate unnecessary twice-yearly refreshes when the clock is reset between standard time and daylight savings time. The only user-visible difference of this change is that the browseinfo file is now named pwp.browseinfo to accommodate a change in file format. (PWP 7 will delete older browse info files automatically once the beta is officially released.)

For details and to download the new version, see

Kiril Sinkel
Digital Light & Color

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